• XX National Congress of Italian Society of Ecology (S.I.T.E.), 27-30.09.2010, Rome, Italy

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    XX National Congress of the Italian Society of Ecology, Rome, 27-30 September 2010.


    From 27 to 30 September 2010 at  Sapienza University in Rome, during the XX National Congress of the Italian Society of Ecology,  met more than 400 representatives of the associations:

     S.B.I. – Italian Botanical Society

    U.Z.I. – Italian Zoological Union

    S.I.B.M.- Italian Society of Marine Biology

    S.I.S.V. – Italian Society of Plant Science

    I.S.D.E. – International Society of Doctors  for the Environment.

    4 days of hard work of the Congress were divided into Plenary Sessions, where invited  distinguished  professionals  presented  their  relations:

    Stuart Pimm  from Duke University, USA, “How much biodiversity will global change destroy?”;

    Rob H.G.Jongman, Alterra, Holland, “Biodiversity and Global Change: GEO Bon and EBONE”;

    Alan G.Hildrew, Queen Many University of London, UK,  “Environment change: staring at Broadstone Stream for 40 years”;

    Robert Costanza,University of Vermont, USA, “Understanding, Modelling  and Valuing Ecosystem services”;

    Nick Hewitt,Lancaster University, UK, “Trees and urban air quality”;

    Vincenzo Naso, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, “Energy Sustainability: Closed cycles of resources and their application to energy systems”.

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    COP 15 COPENHAGEN, 2009 – COP 16 CANCUN, 2010


    The Ecology Train of Our Earth departed in the 70’s, having had a good background prepared in previous years … It’s already 40 years that this train travels around our beautiful Earth, from city to city. Maybe something was really lost in recent years. THE TIME. Something that someone did not want to hear, did not want to believe. It was complex and very difficult this travel. And perhaps for this reason who was driving the Great Train of the Earth Ecology, has created synergic matters, to help understand the seriousness of the problem – so was created the Ecological Economy, Political Ecology … We arrived in Mexico now, Cancun, where in November 29th, 2010 was opened the COP 16, the World Conference on the Earth’s Climate. But let’s start from station to station.

    George Perkins Marsh was the first environmentalist of the United States, lived in the 19th century. The son of a U.S. Senator, 8 years Marsh has had a problem with the eye that impeded him to read for many years. He has developed an exceptional memory for information accessed by others. He developed a love for animals, plants and nature. He became a philologist, scientist, an excellent organizer, businessman, lawyer, diplomat. In 1869 Lincoln appointed him U.S. ambassador to Italy, where Marsh died in 1882 in Vallombrosa in Tuscany. Being a man skilled in many fields, intelligent and a great observer, in 1864 published a book “Man and Nature” that the first was titled ““Man the Distructor of Natur’s Harmonies”, but the publisher chose the less radical way.

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  • Publications

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    (in chronological order)
    Please note that the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials is prohibited by the laws of most countries. The PDF files of some of the articles listed below are provided subject to the copyright policy of the corresponding journals. Please consult the journals or contact the publishers if you have questions about copyright policy.

    Mikhaevitch Tatiana, Mario Cotta Ramusino. Fauna dei Briozoi di acqua dolce in Bielorussia ed ecologia della Plumatella fungosa nel bacino di raffreddamento della Centrale Idroelettrica di Beloozersk, Bielorussia. XX Congresso della Società Italiana di Ecologia, 27-30 settembre 2010, p.118 (in Italian)  

    Fauna_dei_Briozoi_Abstract_XXSITE_Roma  Fauna_Ecologia_Briozoi_XXSite_2010_Relazione

    Presentazione XXSITEROMA2010.3

    Laenko Tatiana, Mikhaevitch Tatiana, Mario Cotta Ramusino. Malacological fauna in bioindication procedures of the transboundary area conditions in the Belarus Protected Areas, 2 nd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Hydrology and Ecology, Vienna, Austria, 20-12 April 2009 (English)


    Mikhaevich T.V.,  Timothy S. Wood.  Freshwater Bryozoans from a Belarus collection (1983-1995).  (In English, in press)

    Mikhaevich T.V. Ecology of the bryozoan Plumatella fungosa in the refrigerated  water reservoir of the Beresa Power Electric Plant, Belarus. (In  English, in press)

    Mikhaevich T.V. Heterogeneity in  freshwater bryozoan Plumatella fungosa (Phylactolaemata). (In English, in press)

    Mikhaevich T.V. Heterogeneity in freshwater bryozoan Plumatella fungosa (Phylactolaemata). Int. Konf. Nauk. “Individual-Based Approach in ecology. Assumptions, achievements, prospects”. Mikolajki, Poland, 1996, p.23 (English)  23_EN

    Mikhaevich T.V. A cultivation method of freshwater Bryozoa (Phylactolaemata). Zool. Journ., 1996, No 10, pp.1586-1589 (English; Russian)   22_EN   22_RU

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    Mikhaevich T.V. The life strategy of the Plumatella fungosa  (Phylactolaemata) bryozoans in the temperature gradient. The 7 th Belarus Zool. Conf., Minsk, 1994, pp. 82-84 (English; Russian)  20_EN    20_RU

    Mikhaevich T.V. La strategie de reproduction de la bryozoaire Plumatella fungosa (Phylactolaemata). Int. Konf. Nauk. Olshtyn, Poland, 1994, pp.30-31 (French)  19_FR

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    Mikhaevich T.V. The role of bryozoans as biofilter in a cooling reservoir. 9 th Conference of the International Bryozoological Association, 1992, Swansea (English)   17_EN

    Mikhaevich T.V. The role of bryozoans as biofilter in a cooling reservoir. Int. Ecol. Conf. “Research Methods and Management of Hydroecosystems”, Riga, 1991, pp.127-138 (English; Russian)  16_EN    16_RU

    Moroz M.D., Mikhaevich T.V. The temperature effect on the reproduction and growth indices of aqueous semi-coleopterans and bryozoans. The 6 th congress of the All’Union Hydrobiologic Society, Murmansk, 1991, pp.96-97 (English;  Russian)   15_EN   15_RU

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    Mikhaevich T.V. Ecological and energetical  characteristics of the bryozoan Plumatella fungosa from the refrigerated water reservoir of the Beresa Power Electric Plant, Belarus. Minsk, 1990, 173 pp. Abstract a candidate thesis in Biology, 21 pp. (English; Russian)   13_EN   13_RU  

    Mikhaevich T.V. Ecological and energetical  characteristics of the bryozoan Plumatella fungosa from the refrigerated water reservoir of the Beresa Power Electric Plant, Belarus. Minsk, 1990, 173 pp.  (Russian)    PhD parte 1   PhD parte 2   PhD parte 3   PhD parte 4

    Nagorskaya L.L., Mikhaevich T.V., Kovalevskaya R.Z. Block diagram of the participation of sedimentors and microfags in the transformation of blue-green algae in a cooling reservoir. Dokl. Akad. Nauk BSSR, 1990, 34, No 2, pp.184-187 (English; Russian) 12_EN   12_RU

    Nagorskaya L.L., Mikhaevich T.V., Kovalevskaya R.Z. Specificity of the transformation of organic matter in blue-green algae in the autotroph-sedimentor-microphag chain. The 3 th Symp. “Trophic Links and Productivity of water Communities”, Chita, 1989, pp.95-96 (English; Russian)  11_EN_RU

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    Mikhaevich T.V., Roschin V.E. Life cicle of Gammarus lacustris Sars (Crustacea, Amphipoda) from different habitats. The 5 th Belarus zoological conference, abstracts, Minsk, Belarus, 1983, pp.13-14 (English; Russian)   02_EN   02_RU

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    XX International Conference of S.I.T.E., Rome, Italy

    2 nd  International  Conference HYDROECO2009, Vienna, Austria

    Expedition on the river Svislotch, Belarus

    Institute of Zoology of the  National Academy of Republic of Belarus 2015

    Laboratory of Hydroecology, Gygynyak Yury G., member of  Antartica expeditions 1971, 2014


  • Autumnal Ode

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    Autumnal Sonnet by William Allingham

    Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods,

    And day by day the dead leaves fall and melt,

    And night by night the monitory blast

    Wails in the key-hold, telling how it pass’d

    O’er empty fields, or upland solitudes,

    Or grim wide wave; and now the power is felt

    Of melancholy, tenderer in its moods

    Than any joy indulgent summer dealt.

    Dear friends, together in the glimmering eve,

    Pensive and glad, with tones that recognise

    The soft invisible dew in each one’s eyes,

    It may be, somewhat thus we shall have leave

    To walk with memory,–when distant lies

    Poor Earth, where we were wont to live and grieve.

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