Lista conferenze

Congresso della Società Italiana di Ecologia, 27-30 settembre 2010, Roma, Italia

2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Hydrology and Ecology, Vienna,  Austria, 20-23 April 2009

International Scientific Conference “Individual-Based Approach in ecology. Assumptions, achievements, prospects”. Mikolajki, Poland, 1996

The 7 th Belarus Zoological Conference,  Minsk, Belarus, 1994

International  Scientific  Conference,  Olshtyn, Poland, 1994

International and Russian Nature  Conference  “Fossil and Recent Bryozoans in the world”, Perm, Russia, 1994

International  Ecological Conference  “Research  Methods and Management of Hydroecosystems”, Riga, Lituania, 1991

The 6 th congress of the All’Union Hydrobiologic Society, Murmank, Russia, 1991

The 8 th Colloquium  on Fossil and Recent Bryozoans, Tallinn, Estonia, 1990

The 3 th Symposium  “Trophic Links and Productivity of water Communities”, Chita, Russia, 1989

The 6 th Zoological Conference  “Dynamics of zoocenoses, Problems of animal Conservation and Management”, Vitebsk, Belarus, 1989

All’Union Conference  on the Problems and of animal Cadaster and Account, Ufa, Russia, 1989

All’Union Conference of Young Scientists “Actual problems of Limnology”, Leningrad, Russia, 1988

The 22 th Conference on Research and Management of water Bodies in the Baltic republics,  Klaipeda, Lituania, 1987

All’Union Colloquium on Fossil and Recent bryozoans. Moscow, Russia, 1986

The 4 th All’Union conference “The species and productivity from the natural habitats”. Sverdlovsk, Russia, 1984

The 5 th Belarus zoological conference,  Minsk, Belarus, 1983

The questions of experimental zoology, Minsk, Belarus, 1983

Dr. Tatiana Mikhaevitch, Ph.D. in Ecology, Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Member of the Italian Ecological Society (S.IT.E.), Member of the International Bryozoological Society (I.B.A.), Member of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (I.S.D.E.),,,